IZO 9000 as an innovation

Innovation in the IZO 9000 window system
The new IZO 9000 window system combines, as a whole combined with a construction depth of 82.5 mm, the characteristics and advantages of the middle and batting gasket. The great depth of construction, the six chambers of the profiles in blind frames and sashes and up to three continuous sealing planes guarantee from the beginning excellent thermal insulation. With such features of the IZO 9000 system, the windows also meet the most demanding requirements.
Optimized thermal insulation
Extremely important for the suppliers and manufacturers of these superior PVC product systems was the development of a system with optimal thermal insulation properties, a constant process of study and testing oriented to optimal results. Numerous calculations have shown excellent coefficients for thermal insulation. As a result, the development objective was to achieve a coefficient Uf - 0.92 W/m²K for thermal insulation in the standard combination with steel and thus compatibility with passive housing. This is possible because of all the innovative details that make up the system.
Suitable for installation of functional triple glazing with a maximum thickness of 52 mm (STV® 54 mm).
Narrow visible width and 15° inclination for a pleasant look.

Optimized for the use of STV®, for dry bonding of the glass to the entire surface of the sash edge.
Very good thermal and sound insulation due to the 6-room structure and the great depth of construction of the blind frames and the sashes.

Intelligent sealing technique with up to three sealing planes.