An unique surface
Even the most eccentric design requirements or typical regional color shades are not a problem. When it comes to colors, our windows are characterized by a diverse range. The right shade for each environment. Any shade is available, from noble white to modern silver. Natural colors resistant and tested RAL.

Unique surface structure

The brushing of the acrylic layer results in a unitary appearance of the surface, as well as a satin, noble gloss. This high quality finish is unique on the market of colored windows.

  • 1: Supply of melted white PVC by means of the main extrusion machine.
  • 2: The colored molten acrylic material is added by means of a co-extrusion machine.
  • 3: The two fluid components are inseparably joined to the co-extrusion machine.
  • 4: In order to obtain a watertight surface and a high degree of color brightness, the profile surface is polished with a sanding device.

The advantages of acrylic color

In the process of staining the co-extrusion, the white PVC base body is irrevocably fused with colored acrylic glass during a working step. The combination of these materials results in a colored, satin profile surface, which can withstand atmospheric influences without problems.

Acrylcolor color palette