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Over 15 years of activity in the local, national and international market..

With an activity of 15 years in the field of PVC windows and over 10 years of experience at national and international level, our company facilitates the access to new technologies in the field and increases the comfort of each home and space that it "clothes" in the new garment of the modern windows. Izoconcept sells German quality products made according to the latest standards in the field..
We make windows and doors with German PVC profiles S 8000 IQ and S 9000.
Direct suppliers for profiles and glass: GEALAN; WINK HAUS; SAIN - GOBAIN GLASS, GUARDIAN GLASS, HOPPE.
Superior quality, modern concept, strategic vision, plus value for your home.

Innovation for houses with personality.

Choose Izo Concept and discover the beauty of perfectly integrated windows and doors in your interior space.
Full range of PVC window and door systems S 8000 IQ and S 9000, state-of-the-art technical system, thermal and sound insulation, eco friendly. A concept structured on values and superior German technique.

Izo Concept values respect one of the business principles which refers to the fact that the true competition is with yourself.

The development of our company is given by the team and strategy that builds a brand. But it is valued by its customers.

Izo Concept develops a business according to German rules and fulfills its promises. We are with the client during the project from the purchase of the product to the installation. Through the strategic approach adopted, we have succeeded from the beginning to offer real value to the implemented projects.

Our customers are satisfied because we respect the quality of the materials and the finished product, the deadlines and the delivery / assembly.

We specialize in the manufacture of PVC windows and doors. We work with top suppliers in the field of profiles and glass.

We offer German quality, professionally executed local assembly, according to well-established rules with a team of 20 employees, direct relationship with the client. We offer products for residential, business, community, local, national and international projects.

We are a team that facilitates access to new technologies in the field and increases the comfort of each home and space that "dresses" in the new garment of modern windows. We offer warranty, delivery, technical assistance, general information.

Izo Concept offers high quality products, modern concept, strategic vision on the window and PVC door segment.

Our company is aimed at customers who want to add value through innovative technique, strength, finish, superior insulation and durability. We appreciate the positive understanding and perception towards a valuable product, therefore we guarantee with Izo Concept products. In the 15 years of activity at local, national and international level, we have over 6,000 projects completed.

The products of the future already exist, for you and your home!

Live the future today with Izo Concept!

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